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Be Prepared For Winter

In the wintertime, special precautions must be taken to prevent pipes from freezing. Follow these simple tips and reduce your chances of costly repairs or damage to your property:

– Disconnect all garden hoses from outdoor valves. Hoses trap water in valves, not allowing them to drain properly, increasing the chance of a freeze split.

– Insulate all bare or exposed pipe and fittings. Exposure to outdoor air or the elements greatly increases chances of freezing. Be aware of vents under homes that are located close to pipes, especially uninsulated pipes.

– Repair damaged or loose mobile home skirting. Cover vents or openings, whenever possible, to outside air below your home.

– Set your home heating thermostat on at least 55 degrees when you are away, or vacationing, during the cold season. Never turn your furnace completely off in the wintertime. Pipes in walls are normally only insulated from exterior cold and are vulnerable to cold temperatures within the house.

Remember these two points:

 Your furnace doesn’t only keep you warm, it also keeps your pipes warm.

You can’t have too much insulation on pipes. Only not enough.

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