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Leaks can be frustrating, cause water damage and bump up your water bill. They should be repaired ASAP. Remember, leaks don’t get better and will get worse over time.

Fortunately, Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is here day or night. Call us 24/7 for emergency repairs. Our  vans are well stocked with lots and lots of repair parts for most all residential plumbing and drain cleaning problems. And perform repairs only as needed to get your plumbing back in shape – and at a reasonable price. Our reward? Your faith in our integrity. That’s good business.

Save money and sleep better by having that leak fixed as soon as possible.

Annoying Drips?


Faucet drips can drive a person crazy. And, since drips keep on dripping 24 hours a day, they waste more water than one might think. The good news is, most drips are fast and easy to fix, often requiring little more than a new rubber seal, washer or cartridge to halt the problem. So, don’t procrastinate.

If your faucet or fixture is getting up there in age, or looking a little mineralized, sometimes the least costly and most efficient solution is to replace it, and it can actually cost less than having a plumber searching for parts for an old fixture.

Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning service vans carry a nice assortment of basic kitchen and bathroom faucets from which to choose. However, if you want something a little fancier or need to match an existing color – other than chrome such as white or gold or brushed nickel, the best call might be to head to a local home improvement store ( The Home Depot and Lowe’s have good prices and great selection), then buy a faucet and call us to install it!  That’s an efficient way to do it.

Also, if you purchase a larger fixture elsewhere, just put it on Will Call and we’ll pick it up on the way to your home or rental at no additional charge within our regular working territory.

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