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Q: What's The Next Step If Your Sewer Keeps Backing Up?

A. There are times when a sewer or drain system is simply too old, too root infested or has too much “build up” to respond to regular snaking and/or chemical treatment. In these situations your drain pipes may need replacing, wether below ground or within the walls of your structure.

When this is the case, Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is ready and able to replace your drain lines in their entirety, if necessary, even if it involves excavating your yard to reach those drain pipes. This is one of our primary services, and we’re good at it. And, since this can often be a somewhat costly and unexpected expense, we have done our homework to make the process as affordable and convenient for you as possible. These types of jobs rarely take more than 48 hours, from the pulling of the permit to the backfilling of the trench. Please call if you would like more information.

Q: How To Know If Your Sewer Is Beyond Regular Snaking

A. Have your sewer line video inspected with a fiber-optic camera system. Blue Plumbing can provide this service.

Q: Sewer Camera Inspections Available in the Prescott Area?

A. We offer complete Video Inspection Service, giving you “eye in the pipe” technology. This is a great benefit in determining the best solution for keeping your drain problems under control as time goes on.

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