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It's A Toilet, Not A Trash Can!

Toilets are designed for one purpose – and we all know what that is! Toilets and city drainage systems are engineered to carry only items that “break down” in water. Toilet paper dissolves in water. Paper towels do not. Being aware of things that don’t break down (which is just about everything but natural waste and tissue), and never flushing these items, is the only way to prevent overflows and save on costly repairs – and preserve our city sewer lines from unnecessary repairs and maintenance.

Here are the Top 10 Items not to flush down the Toilet:

- Kitty Litter

- Trash

- Ashtray Contents

- Sanitary Napkins or Diapers

- Feminine Hygiene Products

- Wet Wipes

- Candy & Food Wrappers

- Syringes

- Toys

- Cloth

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