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At Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, we specialize in residential plumbing and drain cleaning. And since residential plumbing is all we do – we’re really good at it!

If your home, mobile home or rental needs a new faucet, water heater, toilet, valve or any other fixture repaired or replaced or perhaps just a stubborn drain cleared, our technicians are well trained, honest, straight forward and always professional. Blue Plumbing service vans are well stocked with parts and equipment to handle nearly any task. So, if you’ve been looking for a residential plumber, one you would feel comfortable calling again the next time a plumbing issue comes up, look no further. That’s Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

It’s your home, it’s our honor.

We also perform Video Inspection of tough drain lines. Now you can see the trouble spots in your drain pipes and determine the best and least costly way to resolve them.

Blue Plumbing technicians are experts at Mobile Home Repairs too. So, if you need plumbing or drain cleaning services, or if you decide to repipe your mobile home in PEX pipe, we can get it done at a great price. Remember, we do residential plumbing right, because….


A Good Plumber Is A Fast Plumber

A service person shouldn't work too fast of course, but if you need fast plumbing, you want someone who knows what they're doing. Good local plumbers can be hard to find, so if you're just searching for a plumber near me, you can trust Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for all your needs. Whether you're searching for water heater companies or just a plumbing company that answers their phones, you're looking in the right place. We offer plumbing service to include hot water heater replacement, toilet replacement, faucet replacement, valve replacement, leak repairs, drain cleaning, garbage disposals, as well as plumbing inspections, NUVO water softeners, and house filters. So the next time you are Googling 24 hour plumbers near me, think of us!

A good example of a plumbing contractor that knows what they're doing is one who can perform a proper hot water heater installation. Water heater replacements are an important part of any homeowners responsibility. So if you are looking for plumbing contractors in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, Humboldt, Spring Valley, Cordes Lakes, or anywhere in the quad city or tri city area, give us a call!

Emergency Plumbing

We perform 24/7 plumbing. So if you have burst pipes or a flood, you can depend on us to answer our phones. We fix leaks and frozen pipes. We are your frozen pipe repair specialists. Something as simple as a clogged sewer or drains or a clogged toilet or tub can be an emergency. We offer full service drain cleaning and video drain camera inspection services. Don't let a little thing like a tub drip keep you awake at night. It is our business philosophy that we should sell you only what you need so that you will call us again in the future, sort of like an honest auto mechanic. We will not automatically try to sell you a new faucet when all you may need is new faucet cartridges or faucet stems. A reliable plumber is almost as important as a good physician.


Our Services Include:



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