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Easily the most under-rated fixture in the house, the garbage disposal, also called a food waste disposer, disposes of unwanted foodstuffs without having to toss it into the trash, awaiting collection day. Decaying food attracts insects, dogs and other pests and can even contribute to serious illness. So, it is important to keep your disposal running smoothly, and if you don’t have one, have one installed.

Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning service vans stock the Insinkerator Badger 1, 1/3 hp. disposal. This is the most common size found in homes. Other sizes and models are available through local parts houses.

 Tip: Always run water full blast while using your disposal and introduce foodstuffs a little at a time to avoid back ups. And never put peels, bones or any thing that cannot be ground properly. Peels often get beneath blades and cause overflow.

Unjamming Disposals

When small hard objects like glass or bones are introduced into the unit, these items can become lodged in the cutting blades not allowing them to spin. Fortunately, this can often be resolved with the proper tools and a little know-how. So, give us a call if you run into this problem.


Eliminating Disposal Odors

Go to our Tips & News page for an easy remedy for eliminating foul smelling disposals. Check our Coupons and Specials page for monthly discounts.

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