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We Repair Plumbing Fixtures


Toilets flush slow or back up frequently, faucets drip, disposals become jammed, pipes burst, water heater pilots go out, automatic dishwashers need service. That’s where we come in. Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning service vehicles are stocked with most common replacement parts for residential plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

Remember – We do Drain Cleaning too!

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There is a Time for Replacement


It is sometimes more economical to replace old  fixtures than it is repairing them over and over again. Blue Plumbing

& Drain Cleaning can help.  Our experienced dispatchers are happy to answer any questions you may have. There is a difference in service plumbing companies.

Better Affordable Products & Services

Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is a distributor of many great name brand fixtures and water service products. But, if you need services performed with savings in mind, we also carry inexpensive, yet still great quality items for those on a budget. Tried and true products we have used and endorsed through the years. Treat yourself, or your renters, to great working, great looking fixtures at a really great price. You’ll be glad you did.

Replacing a Water Heater is Fast and Easy – and Affordable!

Replacing a water heater can be frustrating, even scary, but it need not be. Conventional tank-type water heaters are actually pretty simple and easy to install. So, they should be affordable too, right? Absolutely.  Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning can replace your water heater with a single call and at a price you can afford.  Wether your heater is natural gas, propane or electric our technicians have the expertise, equipment – and parts right on their vehicles to get you back in hot water, so to speak. We respond quickly, often within an hour, address your specific needs and get the job done right.

Remember, our philosophy at Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is not to hit homeowners with a big charge the first time we meet, but instead to earn your confidence, so perhaps you’ll think of us again if you have other plumbing or drain cleaning issues in the future. Tell a friend. That’s good business.

Something else to consider…

Even if your water heater is fixable, how old is it? Water heaters do have a life span. It’s usually between 10 and 12 years. If your heater is getting up there in years, or looking a little worse for wear, perhaps funds would be better spent having a new one installed – rather than sinking money into a unit that may be on it’s last leg.

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