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The Most Important Seat In The House

There is no quicker and easier way to spice up the the look of a kitchen or bathroom than a shiny, new faucet. There are many styles to choose from. So, if your replacing that old faucet, why not treat yourself to a newer, more versatile model?

Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning service vans carry a nice assortment of kitchen faucets to choose from. If you have a particular style or color in mind, you can purchase a faucet at a local supply house, we often recommend Home Depot or Lowes for good selection and prices, then call us to install it!  That’s an efficient way to do it.

Comfort Height Toilets

If you are replacing a toilet, why not have one that’s more comfortable to use? Comfort height toilets aren’t much taller, just a couple of inches, but you may be surprised at what a difference that makes. Especially as we get older.

A Common Mistake With Older Toilets

So often, as plumbers, we hear stories of folks making repair after repair to an old toilet, often with frustrating results. Did you know that toilets actually have a life span? It’s usually about 20 years.

What happens is this: after so many years of usage, mineral deposits build up in the tiny holes just below the rim of the bowl – where the water comes in when you flush. This mineralization process reduces the size of these small holes, or ports, so now it takes longer for the water in the tank to get into the bowl. This is why the water in the bowl just goes round and round instead of going down the drain. And, replacing components in the tank is never going to solve this problem. It’s time for a new toilet – and a great flush.


Great flushing toilets also keep the building sewer flowing well….

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