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If your sewer line has serious root problems, which is generally indicated by frequent back-ups, snaking is often not enough. Even when roots are cut with a spinning blade attached to a cable, root ends are still protruding into the sewer pipe and will grow back, often larger than the last time and with more frequency. Eventually, you may not be able to clear the line by conventional means and may need to have a costly sewer excavation repair performed.


Avoid a Costly Dig
The best way to prevent an excavation is to have roots cut annually then treated with a “foaming” root growth-inhibitor. RootX will spread throughout the pipe, slowing or even halting the growth of stubborn roots for up to one year at a time.

RootX foam is applied after snaking or cutting of roots in the pipe. See picture above left. This is not an expensive treatment and is normally recommended for annual administration. Blue Plumbing currently charges $68, in addition to the snaking fee. Remember, if you have root problems, your plumber is not doing you a favor by repeated snaking alone.

Root-X is the very best root growth-inhibiting chemical treatment on the market today and Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning exclusively stocks and administers this highly effective product in the Prescott quad cities. There are other “root killing chemicals” on the market, but these crystalline type chemicals, when flushed down the toilet at night, only treat the bottom of your pipe as the product flows through the lowest sections. This is critical, roots can grow into a pipe from any direction, or all 360 degrees, and more than 90% of roots come from the top of the pipe! That means the crystalline chemicals are not hitting the most important part of the pipe and simply do not work.

How does RootX Work?

RootX is packaged as two dry powder components kept apart until the moment of administration. These components are introduced to the root infested pipe and followed by a predetermined amount of water. When the powders are mixed and come in contact with water they quickly foam up spreading throughout the entire pipe, filling it with a sticky substance that coats roots and pipeline surfaces. The RootX formula attacks recently cut root ends – halting or inhibiting growth for up to twelve months.


Root control treatments must foam up in the pipe or they Do Not Work!

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