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To provide professional and reasonably priced plumbing and drain cleaning services to residential property owners and managers while encouraging faith in our business model and character.

Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is licensed in Arizona to perform residential plumbing repairs, new construction, and drain cleaning services. Family owned and operated since 1996. We operate exclusively in the Prescott Quad City area, so we truly are small town business people. We treat our customers as friends and neighbors, because you are!

We pride ourselves in being punctual and honest. We believe there are plenty of plumbing and drain cleaning services to be performed without selling our clients products or services they don’t need. We would rather have your faith and confidence. Then, if we treated you the way we ourselves would prefer to be treated by a serviceman in our own homes, perhaps you’ll think of us the next time you need services.

Honesty is always the best policy, especially in a small town!

Sure, you’re the man of the house. And it’s your call whether to tackle that plumbing problem or call a real plumber. It’s true, you are Superman, but are you really qualified?

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